I was given a parrot about two years ago.  He is a Blue Fronted Amazon, and is now about 36 years old.  When I first got him, he was very afraid of coming out of his cage.  I would have to open the cage and then put his favourite treats, just out of reach and gradually lure him out in that way.  He has become much more confident now, and climbs out as soon as I open the door.  However he is still quite nervous about moving into new areas.  He also doesn’t know that he can fly.  To get him to move from his cage to a table, I have to create a bridge for him to walk across.  It also has to be a bridge made of something that he is familiar with – for example, the ladder from his cage.  Flying does not even cross his radar.  It is not that he doesn’t want to fly, it is that flying does not even occur to him as a possibility.  He has in fact flown–his cage was accidentally bumped quite hard and he started losing his balance.  He flapped his wings frantically to avoid falling and, by mistake, flew across the room!  You could see by his reaction (WTF??)  that he thought that some outside agency had flung him across the room!  Also clearly he was thinking “Oh crap – how am I going to get back??!!”


I think that I am very like my parrot – in two ways.  First is the fear of moving out of my comfort zone – that is pretty obvious, but the second one, that is perhaps less obvious is that there are achievements that I would love – but they seem outside my level of possibility.


I have been studying the work of some great, internationally renowned coaches, and I am awed by the level of transformation work that they achieve with their clients.  That is what I aspire to – but what holds me back is the thought “Who am I to do this?”


While studying these coaches, I found that they have had exactly the same thoughts! One of the coaches – Jason Goldberg – said that the way to change this, is to change your language from “who am I” to “I am willing”.  So now “I am willing to serve my clients deeply and take them to new levels of transformation.”  How powerful is that?


Maybe there is something that you really deeply want, but are denying, because it seems totally outside the level of possibility for you?  Maybe you have wings that you haven’t tried to use?  Maybe you don’t need to bridge the gap between possible and impossible?  Are you willing to try?

7 Myths that keep us stuck


I want to start doing webinars, so I have been studying online programmes that will help me to get going with presenting webinars.  One of the things that came up in this learning was 7 myths that stop people from doing webinars.  Now I really found this helpful, and I am going to repeat them here.  Although some of them are quite specific, I think they can each be generalised to getting things done and taking action around success.


Can this apply more generally?  Do have to have your own business or sell your own product.  The presenter suggested selling other people’s products and earning commission on this.  I am still trying to think of a more general application here, in other words not necessarily related to selling – Any ideas?

Incidentally, we all need to be able to sell – it may be ourselves for a job or promotion or our ideas at home or at work, but selling is a part of daily life.


Now this is something that I think can definitely be generalised.  I know that I always feel that I need to learn more before I can start something.  I can put off starting for years while I learn more about how to do it!  I learn and learn, but never do!  How many people do you know that feel that their success is blocked by their lack of education?  At the same time think about the stories of hugely successful people that had no formal education, but were willing to take action.


Okay this is the whole “I don’t know enough people/ the right people” excuse.  I have definitely used this one often.  Once I realised that actually meeting people is fun and easy, and that nearly everyone actually wants to make friends and be part of a group, I changed my ideas, and realised that it is up to me to grow my circle.  There are so many ways to do this nowadays, that there are really no excuses.


If there is something that can make a major difference in your life, there is always a way to find the time.  This excuse is really “I’m not ready, or I’m too scared to do it right now”.  I don’t want to actually move outside my comfort zone.


Hmmm – well maybe this can apply to all sorts of other ventures we don’t try either.  Sometimes we just take an obstacle as a given, and don’t really research the facts to find out whether or not this is true.  Can you think of something in your life where this may be the case?


Ha!  Love this one – I find myself thinking this kind of thing often.  “Everybody has already done this”  “I have missed the boat”  Etc.  There are 6 billion people in the world!  I am sure that there are one or two that may still be interested in what I have to say!  The other thing to remember is, that we don’t have to be 100%  original in what we do.  Creativity and growth is built on the work of others.  It is really not necessary, or in fact easy, to be a pioneer.  If there are lots of people doing something, then it probably means that it is a good thing and that it actually works!  Of course, it is always important to ensure that we do it well.


There is only one way to really learn how to do things – that is to start doing them and making mistakes.  We live in a time where we have amazing technology that is becoming more and more user friendly by the day.  It may not be technophobia that is holding you back, but some other aspect that seems as though it is really complicated and difficult.  The best way to overcome this is to dive right in and do it.  Learn as you go along – and yes I know that is really scary!  It scares me too!


So now I have told about the fact that I want to do webinars – I would love to hear from you – what topics would you love to have a webinar on?  Is there a particular problem that you would love to address?


Please email me or post comments, whatever feels easier to you.


Have a great weekend


Remember – the problem in front of you is not an obstacle, it is a milestone!



It’s all about action.  There are 3 rules for success.

  1. Take action
  2. Take more action
  3. Take even more action

Easy to remember?  Those are my three most important rules, because that is exactly my weakest point!  I wrote a blog post a while back about hitting the snooze button on life.  That is what I was doing – I kept putting off acting on something, until I knew a bit more, or had studied  further or ….. whatever other excuse I could think of

I think the biggest thing that stops us (well definitely me!) from taking action is fear of failure.  That comes from a basic misunderstanding of the nature of failure. We are conditioned, to think of failure as a bad thing, and we take it personally.

Failing at something says absolutely nothing about me – it tells me about my methods or strategies!  My kind of default response to failure used to be – “I’m useless / lazy / incompetent / pick a bad thing”!

My new response is to get curious, and wonder – hmmm – what could I change?  What can I do differently to get a different result?

In fact, failure is essential for success!  If you want to change, you have to try something new, and of course, that involves learning new skills and making mistakes.

I first started work as a trainee accountant a long time ago.  Pre computers!  Yes I am really old! Everything had to be written up manually – that’s right – long hand with a pen, in these big old ledgers.  At least it wasn’t a quill pen, we had moved to ballpoints by then.  I made so many mistakes, and of course there was no “undo”.  Luckily, tipp-ex had already been invented, but some of my pages had so many layers of tipp-ex that it was almost impossible to write on eventually.  The only thing that kept me going was a sign in the trainee’s office that read:

“A person that never makes a mistake, never makes anything”

If that sign had not been there, I would have given up.  Imagine my surprise during my second year, when one of the partners said that I was the best trainee accountant that he had ever worked with!

As far as taking action is concerned – small actions sustained over a period make a huge impact.  I love what Rich Litvin (one of the world’s top coaches) has to say about this “I love to help my clients dream bigger than they ever thought possible, and to take smaller steps than they have ever taken before.

That has now become my methodology – with myself and with my clients.  Setting amazing exciting goals, and taking really, small steps and the results are astonishing!

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