Practice Makes Perfectly BAD


Have you ever wondered about why it is so difficult to change and create new habits?  You know that old saying – “Practice makes perfect”?  Well it is 100%  true – the problem is that it is a two edged sword!

If you have been practicing the right things in the right way – then you will become really good at these – however………practice the wrong way………

Over the last 15 years, my riding has being going through a serious decline – Mainly due to having no regular coaching, I have been gradually performing worse and worse….. So I have been developing bad habits, and over the years I have practiced these bad habits and become extremely good at them!  My riding has become perfectly bad!

Now I have the amazing privilege of having a coach living on the property where I keep my horse, and getting regular coaching.  Thanks Chloe!  She regularly sighs and shakes her head in despair, but I am improving!

There are four stages of learning

  1. Unconscious incompetence (where you don’t know that you are useless!)
  2. Conscious incompetence (you have realised that you are useless!)
  3. Conscious competence (you can do the activity reasonably well, but have to think about what you are doing)
  4. Unconscious competence – this is flow – it is effortless and easy!

So I have been at the level of conscious incompetence for some time.  Now, with coaching and lots of hard work I am transitioning from level two (conscious incompetence) to level three (conscious competence).  It is really hard to move from level two to level three, because initially the percentage of bad riding far outweighs the good riding, so in the beginning I was still practicing bad habits, more than the good habits.  Now however, the balance has shifted to being more practice of good than bad, so the improvement starts exponentially increasing every time.

The same applies to every new habit or skill – at first it seems to take forever to show any results, and is really easy to become despondent and discouraged – but if you can stay with it until you reach the tipping point where the percentage of good practice outweighs the percentage of bad practice, you will see a sudden huge surge in your skill and ability.

So if you are trying to change and create new habits this year – just remember the curve you will have to go through  – at first it will seem as though there is no improvement, and then the improvement will be so slight that it may feel as though you are wasting your time – but push through these stages and you will experience magic!


Let’s experience magic this year!