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So I have not been writing my weekly newsletter for some time.  Now I could tell you that I have been really busy, and that we were travelling, and my son was home on holiday – and that is all true, but it is also all just excuses.  I simply fell of the wagon.  The truth is that writing this newsletter is hard every week.  Not because I don’t know what I want to say. Not because I don’t know how to say it.  Not because it takes too much time either.  Most of the time involved in this newsletter is in reflection and thought about what is going on for me, what has been a learning and how to get it across.  Once I have that fairly clear in my head, it doesn’t take long to put it on my paper.

The hard part is starting!  And that is hard, because every time I worry that my newsletter won’t be interesting.  That my readers won’t enjoy it!  It is that old “not good enough” fear that creeps in.  Then it is so much easier to go back to busy work.  I read a quote yesterday, and I can’t recall where I saw it, but it really resonated with me.


“Are you repeating the past, or are you creating your future?”


When I stop creating my newsletter, and the other new products that I want to offer to the world, I fall back on my old default mode of repeating my past. I am doing the things that are easy, and comfortable for me.


By worrying about whether other people will enjoy my newsletter, I am worrying about something that is totally outside my control.  All I must do is to write the best newsletter that I can – that is authentic, and from the heart.  That is what I can control.  Whether you like it or not is not my choice, but yours.


It is wonderfully liberating to let go of the need for approval.  To simply create something that is the best that I can do, and offer it to the world.  However I also must move outside my comfort zone.  If I want change in my life, I can’t create it by repeating my past actions and patterns.  I need to create new and exciting patterns!


Are you creating your future, or are you falling back into old patterns?  By definition anything that you don’t have in your life is outside your comfort zone, and moving outside of our comfort zone always brings the inner critic to life.  I am sure you know what I mean – the voice inside that tells us that we are “not good enough”, not clever enough”, “not creative enough”.  Remembering that that voice is not reality is the secret to just letting it go.


So for today, feel the fear and just do it anyway.


Have a wonderful weekend

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