Are you a crap magnet?


I read this some years ago, and it really got me thinking.  It was in a book by T. Harv Eker.  He also recommends taking a “complaints holiday”.  Try to go a whole week without complaining.  That doesn’t just mean without complaining out loud – it also means without complaining inside your head.

I haven’t managed a full day yet!  But it has definitely helped!  I have really become aware of how much of my mental “real estate” is taken up with criticism and complaints.  Complaints and criticism about the economy, and the politicians (Zuma!! Haha), complaints about bad drivers, complaints about bureaucracy.  So I am complaining a lot less – and I am much happier and calmer.

The thing is, while I am complaining and criticising I am in victim mode.  A victim is powerless.  So by complaining I am limiting my ability to be proactive, and to deal in a positive way with events in my life.  There is also room for only one thought at a time, so while I am complaining, I am not solving.

The other thing that I have realised, is that complaining is like worrying – I am always complaining about things outside my control – like other drivers, or the economy.  So I make myself miserable to absolutely no effect!

I have heard the argument that venting helps to release frustration, but my experience is that the more you express anger the more it grows.  That is not only experience of my own anger, but I have noticed the same with other people as well.

I also think that the more I complain, the more I create negative energy, and I am resonating on a negative frequency – this will attract more negativity into my life! I often think that we are like spoilt children – we have the most wonderful amazing things in our lives, and instead of being grateful for those we focus on the things we don’t have, and on the “bad things” that other people are doing!

So I am recommitting to a “complaints holiday”, and will just keep trying!  Gratitude goes a long way to keeping complaints away !  The greatest contribution that anyone can make to the world is to be connected to their joyous sense of wellbeing.  The more people that are in that state, the better the world will be!

Have a wonderful complaint free weekend!

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